CNC Miter Equipment:MU45



MU45 is a 3 axises of 45°Miter、Tenon、Mortise Machining center

There are 2 zones standard inMU45 allowing for tenon and Mortise processing at a time. While the one part is being machined, the other zone can be loaded and queued for machining.

There are three CNC controlled axis in the X (left to right) and Y (up and down) , Z axis (in and out) which are performed by servo motors.
the MU45 provides high quality mitered mortise and tenon parts for use in cabinet door and wardrobe door frames.

The MU45 will produce up to 360 doors per 8 hours 

Advantages of CNC-600:

• The ability to cut MDF paper or vinyl wrapped profiles.except solid wood •Eliminates the need for applying inlays.
• Eliminates the need for sanding the face and edge of the door..
• There is a more durable and aesthetically pleasing blind joint (no visible joint on edge of board).
• X,Y,Z -axis traverses are all driven by servo motors through ball screw in combination with the linear motion guides on their      slideways.these lead to extra smooth movement and high positioning accuracy
• Automatic lubricator provides MU45 long life


1, 10.2” High resolution Touch Screen,It is easy for operation.
2, Unilimited program storage
3,The easy to use software allows the operator to change from one saved program to another in seconds with only two touches to the    screen. A password protected edit feature allows quick and easy editing of existing programs or creating new programs.A new program  can be  created from scratch in less than one minute with very little training.
4,The use of precision screw in combination with an encoder for dramatically upgrading accuracy
5,Error message display facilitates trouble shooting.
6,Chinese and English display,other language is optional.

Technical param


 Apply to cabinet door and wardrobe door frames