M135 CNC miter and drill machine(135 degree)


M135 is a proffesional equipment designed for the solusion  of 135-degree connection mode.make 
the sawing,drilling functions together.Adopt 3-axis motion controller,servo systems and 
ball screw.being of high precision and high efficiency,the machine uses 14 inch color touch screen,
graphical interface to work,easy to learn.

Technical Parameter
Max. Workpiece Height 80 mm
Max. Workpiece Thickness 90 mm
Max. Mortise Dia. 16 mm
Max Mortise Depth 40 mm
Spindle Power for SAW 1 5.5 kw
Spindle speed for SAW 1 Min 6000rpm  Max 9000rpm
Spindle Power for SAW 2 5.5kw
Spindle speed for SAW 2 Min 6000rpm  Max 9000rpm
Motor Power of Drill 1 1.5kw
motor speed for Drill 1 2800/rpm
Motor Power of Drill 2 1.5kw
motor speed for Drill 2 2800/rpm
Hourly Production(Per Hour) Up to 300 pcs
Installation Power 14kw
machine dimension L X W X H 2500mmX1700mmX1900mm