CNC Dovetail machine 



The CNC dovetail machine is a multi-function Drawer Box Machining Center, The machine can be configured to do  Dovetail, French Dovetail, ,stright dovetail and other styles as requirement ..
Parts are placed into the work zones, referencing the back and side fences. The button is pressed. The machining is ready to begin in the work zone. There are 2 zones standard in this dovetailer Allowing for pendulum processing. While the one part is being machined, the other zone can be loaded and queued for machining.

Outstanding features :

• The CNC Controller is configured to walk the operator through the machining process allowing virtually anyone to run it
• Elimination of Complicated Machine Set ups and Changeover saves on "Non Value Added" Labor Content
• Rework items are reproduced with no changeover time required
• Saves on valuable Manufacturing Floor Space by combining all operations into one machine

Standard features:

1,cuts dovetailed tenons/mortises simultaneously for accurate jointing
2,Dovetailed width and depth are adjustable
3,continuous tenoning motion
4,simple to operate ,simple to maintain,
5,Feeding speed is adjustable for cutting various materials
6,the spindle is adjustable for cutter wear compensation,the cutter can be resharpened about 12 times
7,the workpieces to be jointed are placed together on the machine for cutting dovetailed tenons and mortises simultaneously ,ensuring high accuracy jointing effect


1, 10.2” High resolution Touch Screen,It is easy for operation.
2, Unilimited program storage
3,The easy to use software allows the operator to change from one saved program to another in seconds with only two touches to the screen. A password protected edit feature allows quick and easy editing of existing programs or creating new programs.A new program can be created from scratch in less than one minute with very little training.
4,The use of precision screw in combination with an encoder for dramatically upgrading accuracy
5,Error message display facilitates trouble shooting.
6,Chinese and English display,other language is optional. 


Technical parameter:

   Model    CNC-500    CNC-700
   Spindle speed    17400rpm    17400rpm
   Spindle Motor    1.1kw    1.1kw
   X-axis servo motor    0.75kw    0.75kw
   Y-axis servo motor    0.75kw    0.75kw
   Installation power    3.1kw    3.1kw
   Processing width    max.500mm    max.700mm
   Processing thickness    5-25mm    5-25mm
   Tenoning space    Adjustable    Adjustable
   process cycle    3-30s    3-30s
   Processing tenon style    A.B.C.D.E.    A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.
   Machine dimension(L*W*H)    1650*895*1165mm    1750*895*1165mm
   Packing dimension(L*W*H)    1800*1070*1470mm    1900*1070*1470mm
   Net weight    520kg    520kg
   Gross weight    660kg    660kg

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