Classification and development trend of furniture and woodworking machinery

    Woodworking machines mainly from the original wood saw cutting device profile to be processed into wood products used in the process. Mainly used in construction, furniture and wooden doors and other manufacturing sectors. Woodworking machines can be divided into woodworking saws, woodworking planer, woodworking lathes, milling machines, carpentry, woodworking drilling, mortising machine, tongue and groove machine, woodworking sanding machine, and finishing, grinding woodworking tools and other auxiliary equipment.

    Woodworking machinery refers to the process in wood processing, wood processing will be processed into semi-finished wood products, a class of machines. Furniture machinery is an important part of woodworking machines.
Object woodworking machining is wood. Wood is one of the earliest humans found that the use of raw materials, and human shelter, with a close relationship. Mankind has accumulated a wealth of experience in wood processing long-term practice. Woodworking machines is through people long-term production practice, continue to find, and continuously explore and create and develop.

    Classification and development trend of furniture and woodworking machinery
Wood furniture is made ​​of a material with a wooden utensils. Frame structure can be divided according to their furniture and board furniture workers into two categories. Typical frame structure furniture tenon joint structure, the material is natural wood panels, squares, such as mahogany furniture, Ming furniture, Qing style furniture, solid wood dining tables and chairs. Typical furniture refers to the wood-based panels for materials, structures using connectors, round tenon connections, etc. furniture.
    Universal Woodworking machinery:
    1 Wood Processing Machinery
    Intended to be processed logs beginning Road machinery, such as sawing, go veneer, dehumidification.
    2 wood manufacturing and processing machinery
    Solid wood panels and wood-based panels (plywood, MDF, particleboard and other materials), manufacturing machinery, and the surface of the sheet is processed to be used for furniture processing sheet front-processing program used machinery, such as puzzle, finger machines, hot press, cladding machines.
    3 furniture manufacturing machinery
    Including furniture, office furniture, wood furniture and other wood products manufacturing machinery needed, a manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic points. Variety, widely covers. From all aspects of sawing, shaping, profiling, drilling, open the tongue and groove, stitching combination, gluing, painting and packaging, etc., can be done by machinery.
Furniture and woodworking machinery trends:
    Science and technology continue to move forward, new technologies, new materials, new technology constantly emerging. Development of electronic technology, numerical control technology, laser technology, microwave technology, and high-pressure jet technology, to furniture, machinery automation, flexible, intelligent and integrated brought new vigor to make ever-increasing variety of machine tools, technology has improved continuously . Taken together its development trends in the following areas:
    (A) improve the comprehensive utilization of timber.
    (2) to improve the efficiency and automation of production.
    (3) improve the machining accuracy.
    (4) the application of high-tech.
    (5) the development of flexible, integrated manufacturing systems.
    (6) Safety pollution processing production systems.

    Furniture and Woodworking Machinery features:
    (1) high-speed cutting.
    (2) the manufacture of precision components, some relatively low.
High noise levels 
    (3) woodworking machine.
    (4) Woodworking machines generally do not need a cooling device, chip and dust removal device required.
    (5) must not be through the use of woodworking machines feeding methods, less-station mode.