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                   AFTER-SALES SERVICE

1,The after-sale service of  Mustang Machinery
(1)MUSTANG  service  concept
To be “Specialization ,Expertise ,Mastering and Everlasting ”,we are devoted a lot to improve our after-sale service capacity ,from which we learned that “customer equals to us”,which then became the top concept of the whole following after-sale service.
(2).Mustang service rules
Every behavior for our fame; Every deed for your good
(3).Mustang service spirit
We would be more anxious than anxious customer, whose satisfaction would be delighted us. We’ll give our favorite to each customer, whose complaints are taken as trust, that would be honored to keep.

2.Mustang  service promise
Technology training freely.
Periodical return visit.
Warranty on contract
One year warranty
Service response in 24 hours
Unperiodical return visit by phone or presence.

3.Dos and don’ts in service
(1).Behavior in service
A. Basic request : loyal, passionate, lawful, accommodating ,talkative and tough.
B. Service staff will be trained before getting the”qualification for maintenance service ”,which is the certification of service staff.
C. Unify uniform,service and the concept to keep the appearance.
(2). Unify service in five steps
A. reach the destination, put on the uniform.
B. show your certification or name card to customer, introduce the service of hot-line and welcome monitoring.
C. Solve the disorder as soon as possible.
D. Inform customer the reason of disorder and maintenance knowledge for further usage.
E. seek advice from customer about the service and fill the”feedback table of advices about service ” by rule.
(3) Five don’ts:
A. No complaint to customer
B. No active request of gift or entertainment from customer
C It is forbidden for the staff to just speak without deed or indicate the customer to do by themselves
D. If disorder from the quality of product, be responsible. If it’s from the wrong usage, just explain with patience.
E. No deed that damages Mustang appearance.

(1).Each January, the sales agents or service contractors fill the〝qualification certification of service staff〞,and send all information to personnel department, who will issue the “qualification for maintenance service”according to the annual testing result.
(2).Certification issues every year, including standard ones and temporary ones. regional service staff and headquarter staff have the standard ones, and new regional staff and designated staff have temporary ones. Before the designated staff begin a business trip, they need to fetch a temporary certification form the service center, and it would be return after the trip, or the charge no claiming.
(3).Keep the certification, if it is lost you’d pay ¥10 for printing
(4).Service without certification would be same managed as without uniform.

5.Regular return visit institution
In order to make service in front, we decided to take active preventative measures, Namely: regular return visit institution, mainly as follows:
A. We are responsible for each equipment whose warranty is effective within one year, and the sales service department must give a return visit to customers according to our regulations
B. During this period, the door-to-door services are regard as one “return visit”
C. Return visit can be ignored in special situation ,such as the equipment stop using for a long time, but it must be noted in the” reports of regular return visit”
D. The server must fill in the” reports of regular return visit” service after each visit service ,which as one of the bases for evaluation of the post-sale service work .

6.Maintenance service on contract
(1)、About Maintenance service
A. The Maintenance service in the contract means that Mustang would ,according to the relevant laws regulations and national standards, offer the free repair and replacement service for users when the products run into the fault which caused of design , manufacturing, assembling within the limit time
B. Warranty would be counted since equipment is accepted and the period usually for one year. we would execute     according to contract If there are different provisions
C. No maintenance to the equipment that didn’t pass acceptance
D. We are responsible for the accessories fee in the Maintenance service ,and the agent or service contractor would   undertake extra expense
E. Maintenance service appeal must fill in the application of after-sales service by fax or other forms and report    it to market department, we will not process the application by oral

(2).About the restrictions of Maintenance service。
A. We will not process it when the warranty period is overdue
B. The users need to keep the original situation of the fault when the machine have fault
C. Any machine needs to correctly use , operation and maintenance. users need strictly to maintain machine as instruction in order to work well .we will not process the fault which leads to lack of water, oil, without grease filling etc. for not according to the instruction
D. We will not offer the Maintenance service for the user who not operating according to the specification
E. We will not accept repairing requirement and also not undertake any result if the fault is cause by altering the structure or components voluntarily or technical parameters of the Inside the machine control system
F. We will not offer the Maintenance service for the fault which using inferior components or the components not provided from RD
G. All expenses shall be undertake by users himself if the fault caused by quality problem and without agreeing from Mustang  and repair itself
we will not accept it If the operator have the ability to perceive abnormal and continue to work
H. We will not offer Maintenance service for the accessories which donated from us
I. We will execute it according to the regulations if there have the national industry standard prescribed warranty for the out purchased accessories
J. Some normal consumption loss situations will not offered to the Maintenance service
●Tenon cutter
●Induction switch

(3).About indirect losses in the maintenance
The machine need reasonable maintenance time when there are some quality problems and we will not compensate the indirect losses for users during the maintenance time such as equipment rental , accommodation and business losses.

The user has the obligation to provide venues, tools and other equipment and assist researchers when serviceman offer to door-to-door service to repair machines as soon as possible.`
we will not offer the Maintenance service and warranty for the damage which leads by natural disasters and traffic accidents

7. Extra service of one year after the warranty
To achieve better service, Mustang offer the Extra service of the warranty after a year ,users can enjoy following treatment in the warranty or within a year
Mustang  undertake all the expense except the round trip and accommodation when users attend training
we will provide free software upgrades If there is a new and improved control system.
Mustang will provide support for the users to improve technical work at cost price .
Mustang will regular return visit the user
the following users will not enjoy overbalance services
the overdue customers with the existence of unpaid

8.Rrespons service in 24 hours
For any user service request, Acceptors must give definite reply in 24 hours
Acceptors include: basic level maintenance staff, district agents, marketing department staff, each competent departments and corporate leaders
Only the above staffs shall accept request and process it , but anyone of staff is responsible for giving feedback fast to the above staff
Principles :
Solved at once if possible
Ask for support from the relevant departments in company if necessary.
Explain reasons why delayed and tell users the solution and plan
The service promise will be executed according to the regulations anytime except national holidays, despite weekdays or weekend

9 operation training to customer

The equipment buyer would be trained to operate by equipment installer, free of charge.
(1).Qualification of trained people
It is advisable for the customer company to employ operators with electromechanical experience.
The operator’d better watch the install process, during which they would keep cooperation with the installer of Mustang.
The operator must understand exactly when and how to maintain the machine, with skilled operation and disorder verdict.
The operator would be approved by Mustang trainer before independent operation.
By principle, the training must be complete before equipment checked and accepted, we are not responsible for new operator train, which would conduct by customer company yourself ,unless it is really necessary , after you apply for that to us .
If the customer need “operation certification” for certain machine, the trainer is responsible to assist it, which would be managed by the market department after such information is received.

(2).Qualification of trainer
Patience, gently demonstration and explanations, experienced operation
If the question beyond your knowledge, don’t worry, you’d better say I can’t give answer for now or ask for help for somebody else.
Perform the duties, don’t make the trained people search answer from book.
The train work can not finished before the trained people independent operate the machine.

(3).The Training
Explain the process according to Safety precaution specifications, it is advisable to be interactively. The key point is:
Safety precautions of the equipment.
Operation and maintenance of equipment
Frequent disorder and the solution.